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Liaoning Huanyu Engineering Consulting Management Corporation (Huanyu) is one approved engineering consulting company by Shenyang Administration for Industry and Commerce. Liaoning. Huanyu is an independent legal entity of Huanyu Group. Huanyu is certificated by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance People’s Republic of China, and Liaoning Construction Office. The registered capital is RMB 4 million. Huanyu provides services including engineer consulting, cost consulting, bidding, and government procurement deputy. The registered address is 29, Beiling Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang, Liaoning.

Huanyu is organized based on high starts and standard. We are possessed of powerful technology managing control system and advanced office equipment. We are experienced in economy, engineering and law fields. Our professional staff consists of certified public accountant, registered consulting engineer, reserves evaluating engineer, registered safety evaluating engineer, registered real estate appraiser, registered real-estate evaluating engineer, registered land evaluating engineer, and registered cost engineer, registered mining rights evaluating engineer and lawyer.

Looking into the future, we will uphold the thought of innovation and learning widely, further improve and develop geology, exploitation, separation and processing consulting services with our characteristics. We will produce high-qualified projects in dealing with construction deputy, feasibility study, design, bidding, budget and closing balance. We endeavor to offer integrated solutions for society and our clients. Meanwhile, we make full use of our advantages to make us top in the fields. We will continuously advance us forward in the direction of standardization, specialization, and internationalization!

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